Solar Power Generator QPG-500 & QSP-100W18


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This unique home/office solar system is ideal for light users who are tired of all the noise from generators and fuel bills to power generators. their. It is designed to meet the huge energy needs of people who are struggling to cope with the evils of having basic electricity to meet their daily energy needs. This device will not let you down in any way. It has a built-in 200aH gel battery and can be used to power DC compatible devices such as DC LED bulbs, DC fans, phones, tablets, and more. It can be used to charge your phones and tablets directly with the included USB cable. with the device or USB cable of your choice. Also included is a 3 x 3W LED bulb with a power switch to turn the bulb on and off in separate use locations in your home, shop or office.

You can also use this unit to directly power your AC devices such as TVs (preferably LED TVs), fans, low energy AC light bulbs, common household electronics .

Note that this appliance cannot supply more than one 200 L refrigerator or freezer at a time. Also, do not use it to power electric irons, heaters, hair dryers, water pumps, drills and any other large power appliances. Using any of these items may damage the device completely. So while installing make sure to install and remove all those devices.


Input voltage: DC 12V, AC 180V-240V
Output voltage: AC 230V, DC 12V, USB 5V
Inverter capacity: 300W
Battery capacity: 70Ah
Solar panel: 100W/18V
Working time: Load 100W for 7 hrs, Load 200W for 3.4hrs, Load 300W for 1.7hrs
. Size(HxWxD): 52x34x19cm(QPG-500)/ 103*67.5*3.5cm(QSP-100W18)


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