Maxi 1836S-B Water Dispenser

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Maxi 1836S-B Water Dispenser Water Dispenser Water Dispenser is a modern and efficient water dispenser designed to provide both hot and cold water for your convenience. Here’s a detailed description of its key features:

1. High Efficiency Compressor Cooling: The water dispenser is equipped with a high-efficiency compressor cooling system. This ensures that the cold water is quickly cooled and maintained at a refreshing temperature, making it ideal for quenching your thirst during hot days.

2. High Power Stainless Steel Hot Water Tank: On the hot water side, the dispenser features a stainless steel hot water tank with high heating power. This tank ensures that you have instant access to hot water whenever you need it, whether it’s for making tea, coffee, or other hot beverages.

3. Child Safety Lock for Hot Water: Safety is a priority, especially in households with children. Maxi 1836S-B Water Dispenser comes with a child safety lock specifically designed for the hot water faucet. This lock helps prevent accidental burns or injuries by ensuring that hot water is dispensed only when intended.

4. Double Safety Device for Preventing Overheat: To ensure the water dispenser operates within safe parameters, it includes a double safety device to prevent overheating. This feature automatically activates if the system detects any potential overheating issues, thereby safeguarding the unit from damage and ensuring your safety.

Overall, the Maxi 1730S-B Water DispenserWater Dispenser offers efficient cooling and heating capabilities, while prioritizing safety with its child lock and overheat prevention features. It is an excellent addition to any home or office, providing quick and easy access to both hot and cold water whenever you need it.

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