LG GC-B414ELFM 324L Standing Freezer

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The LG GC-B414ELFM is a standing freezer with a capacity of 324 liters (net). Here are its specifications and main features:

– Capacity: The freezer has a net capacity of 324 liters, providing ample space for storing frozen food and beverages.

– Width: The freezer has a width of 595 mm.
– Height: It stands at a height of 1,860 mm.
– Depth: The depth of the freezer is 707 mm.

Main Technology:
– Smart Inverter Compressor: The freezer is equipped with a smart inverter compressor. This compressor is designed to provide efficient cooling performance while consuming less energy. It adjusts its speed based on the cooling demand, resulting in energy savings and quieter operation.

Additional Benefit:
– Linear Cooling: The freezer features linear cooling technology. This technology helps maintain a consistent and even temperature throughout the freezer compartment. It ensures that your food stays fresh and minimizes temperature fluctuations.

These features make the LG GC-B414ELFM a reliable and efficient standing freezer with a large capacity for all your frozen storage needs.

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