Gas Cylinder 12.5KG + Gas Regulator + Gas Hose – 3yards

 39,000.00  50,000.00

The 12.5kg empty gas cylinder is a durable and reliable option for cooking purposes. The strong metal materials used in its construction ensure durability and prevent leakages, while the anti-rust paint coating helps prevent rusting, prolonging its lifespan.

The cylinder is designed to work with any gas cooker, making it versatile and compatible with various cooking appliances. It comes with a 3-yard hose and a metered gas regulator. The gas regulator is of high quality and includes a leakage detection feature. In the event of a major leak, the regulator automatically stops the flow of cooking gas, enhancing safety.

Using a gas cooker is indeed environmentally friendly compared to a kerosene stove. Gas burners produce fewer emissions, including carbon dioxide (CO2), which is harmful to both health and the environment. By opting for a gas cooker, you contribute to reducing your carbon footprint and promoting a cleaner cooking method.

Additionally, the cylinder’s rare and colorful design adds a touch of uniqueness, fanciness, and class. It stands out from standard gas cylinders, adding a visually appealing element to your kitchen or cooking area.

Lastly, the brand of the gas cylinder is stated as “GENERIC.” A generic brand typically refers to a product that is not associated with a specific manufacturer or company. It may offer good value for money and comparable quality to more well-known brands.

Overall, the described gas cylinder seems to provide a combination of durability, safety features, compatibility, environmental friendliness, and aesthetic appeal.


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