Binatone 16 Inches Standing Fan (A1691) – Black +1 Year Warranty

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The Binatone 16 Inches Standing Fan (A1691) is a black-colored fan with a 40 cm (16″) blade size. It comes with a 1-year warranty, ensuring the product’s quality and reliability.

Key features of this fan include:

1. High-efficiency blades: The fan is designed with high-efficiency blades that enhance its airflow, allowing for effective cooling.

2. Swivel and height adjustment: It has the ability to swivel from side to side, enabling you to direct the airflow in different directions. Additionally, it offers height adjustment, allowing you to set it at a comfortable level according to your preferences.

3. Silent & breezy: The fan is designed to operate silently, providing a quiet and peaceful environment. Despite its silent operation, it still delivers a breezy airflow to help cool the surrounding area.

4. 128-rib safety grill: The fan is equipped with a 128-rib safety grill, which acts as a protective barrier around the blades. This grill ensures safety by preventing accidental contact with the rotating blades, especially important if you have children or pets at home.

5. 1.5M height: The fan stands at a height of 1.5 meters, offering sufficient coverage and airflow in a room.

Overall, the Binatone 16 Inches Standing Fan (A1691) is designed to provide efficient cooling with its high-efficiency blades, adjustable swivel and height, silent operation, and safety features such as the 128-rib safety grill.


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